Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am okay, really really okay!

I know it has been awhile..but I am really doing okay! Aside from my toddler laying on the floor next to me kicking and screaming ;) This will be quick and hopefully more to come later today. Ev has a very stuffy nose right now and El has a low fever and junky cough. My computer time has been very limited as of late. First we had an ice storm that knocked out our cable/computer for 4 days, then I was in Nashville for a few days, basement painted where the computer is now housed-that was about a week plus-with no computer, and so on! So that is my laundry list of reasons for being the worlds crappiest blogger ever.

I (we-Amy) have a new blog called fromatobbaby that is a total work in progress. If you lurk or check this blog, would love for you to see what else has been keeping me busy.

More later...when toddler isn't being a cling on!



Rachel said...

Oooh, love the new look Brooke! Hey, that rhymes. I'm so smart.

Took a look at the other site, and I like it. The only thing I would suggest is that you purchase your own domain name, so no one can steal it. I use anhosting.com, but you can just google "buy domain name" and purchase something for $10 a year. It's worth it...you can run polls, track traffic, you can start your storefront using yahoo shopping cart right on your site. Think about it! Good luck to you, very cute stuff! ;)

Rachel said...

Meant to say instead of having blogger.com, you'd be "fromatobbaby.com" or whatever. :)

Also, you linked to me on the sidebar, but that isn't my blog anymore...just wanted to remind you before someone checks out the japanese porn or whatever that blog has become. LOL!

Brooke said...

Rach-Thanks for checking the site. It is just a totally generic blog right now, just to get something out there. We are working on getting the domain. I checked into yahoo before we came up with our name to make sure it wasn't already taken. My only complaint about setting the domain up with them-is that the sites seemed so generic-not much design control-ya know? I will look into who you used. Thanks again for all your support. This is really just gonna be a "little thing on the side". Amy goes back to work soon-and I am sure every ounce of her free time will be spent loving on her boy. Hopefully we can make a bit of money though-sure would be nice to be able to contribute finacially again-even if just a tiny bit!