Wednesday, March 5, 2008


On Sunday- I officially became a mini van driving Ma Ma. After the rocky few months I have had, I got to thinking about what is really important in my life. A SUV is an SUV-it is just that-a thing, and frankly not a very important thing in my life. I have driven luxury Suvs for the past 6yrs, and could have really cared less about what I was driving. The Range Rover was always my dream SUV, and after driving it for about 2wks the novelty totally wore off, but the mortgage size payment didn't. It all just seems like a TOTAL waste of money to me. I used to think-if you have the money, than it isn't a waste. How irrational is that? How about put that extra money into the kids college saving funds-ahhh, now that is rational thinking. As you can imagine-my darling husband is beside himself with joy over my new way of thinking ;)!! I am LOVING my new ride! It is just so amazingly made for a Mommy-and has lot's of bells and whistles that even my fancy SUV didn't have-woo hoo!

On Monday- It was a gorgeous warm day out. We really didn't get to enjoy it much with the kids not feeling very well. The birds were chirpping and the flowers were starting to poke out. Spring is my very favorite time of year. Watching the miracle of the Earth rebirth is just amazing to me. If you have a green thumb and live somewhere where if is freezing all winter-than you can understand my LOVE for Spring. I can hardly wait to get my garden gloves on and get my hands in the dirt!

On Tuesday-

On Wednesday-We are having an ice storm. The tree's look like glass. Beautiful!


Rachel said...

Oh no! A minivan! Just kidding...but remember when "the mom car" was like the kiss of death? Sounds like you are having a good week...I love spring, too. Can't wait...the daffodils are already blooming here!

collteach said...

I am so glad you updated your blog! Wasn't the weather gorgeous on Monday?? We were in the Pittsburgh area. Lauryn got to play in the snow Friday and Saturday...then she got to be out in the warm weather on Monday (probably why she is sick now..ugh).

I think the new minivans are great....DH even mentions getting one now and then :)

Take care, Brooke!