Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It has been soooo long since I posted. I am doing well friends, but not on the computer much these days. We have had some busy months filled with fun! Ella had her 4th B-day party at the end of March. A Princess Party-per her request. We kept it small, with a few friends from School, and one from dance class. She wanted them all to dress up like Princesses and oh were they precious. Here are some pics:

Just a few days later we got to celebrate Greg's 34th B-day. Gotta love having two cakes in the house so close together-ha ha!
Notice the candles-one is from Ella's 3rd B-day and the other is from Ella's 4th-sorry Greg

Onto the next big event. Daddy Princess Dance Night at our Country Club. It is a dinner and dance just for Dad's(Step-Dads, Grandpa's-etc) and daughter's. Ella was so excited to get dressed up and have a special night just for her and Daddy. They had a wonderful time together.

Spring rolled on in and it felt so good to get outside and be warmed by the sun:

Ella's PreSchool had a special Mother's Day brunch. Ella gave me a plate she made and a potted plant. She painted the pot and planted the plant-so cute. We ate breakfast with the kids and then they sang some songs. She sang her little heart out and nailed each hand movement-I was so proud. Walking in-Ella is wearing navy blue. I didn't quite make it all the way through Mayand none of June and July...more to come. Kids are awake from naps now!