Friday, December 14, 2007

I am having a SUAVE day.

I love the Suave commercials that show the Mom through all the stages of life-getting married, having a baby, having another baby, slowly falling apart, and last but not least-a total mess!!! Then she uses Suave and poof-her hair is blown out, she has a fabulous outfit, and she looks like she has it all together. I NEVER take the time to do anything with myself anymore. I use to be that girl that got up at 5am-showered, blew dry my hair, curled my hair, put on make-up, put on my Ann Taylor suit, and was off to work. Now I take a shower-maybe every other day, twist my soaking wet hair up in a clip, throw on jeans and a shirt, sometimes lip gloss, and I am ready to go.

Today I decided it was time to have a Suave Day. It maybe took me an extra 1/2 hour, but that is just soooo worth it to feel put together again. I blew dried my hair today and curled it. Put makeup on, and a Sassy shirt and new jeans that actually fit without hurting me! Poof-I feel like a new women. Like someone that was on one of those make over shows. So here is my list to help all Moms get out of your funk. It is time to have a Suave Day. Take back the control and put yourself first.

1. Take a shower. Preferably without kids in the bathroom with you!
2. Blow dry your hair. Style it like you are going out on the town.
3.Put on make-up
4 Wear black-makes everyone look slimmer and feel slimmer.
5. Put on some sparkly earrings or fun jewelry

Okay, So I know the reality is that we don't always have the time or the energy to do these things. It sure does make a Ma Ma feel good now and then though. Hope you are having a Suave day today!

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collteach said...

Yay, Brooke! Glad you had a great day and it is AMAZING how good a shower and some cute clothes can make a momma feel!