Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bokeh-fall spider

Took this pic with my good old point and shoot that is on the fritz. I am in need of a new camera and hoping to get a Nikon SLR-but boy are they expensive. My current camera has served me well, but is now making a funky pink line on pics if I use the flash. I figure with the amount of pics I take daily, the Nikon will pay for itself in no time. Check out the colors on the spider. Sure is a pretty little girl-for a spider that is.


Anonymous said...

Great shot and a crazy looking spider. My boys would like this! :) I use just a p&s too.
Jessie at Blog Schmog

all i need is the white picket fence said...

Thanks Jessie. I do think you can still get some pretty great shots with a p&s-even though I really would love a fancy Nikon :) Thanks for checking out my pic!